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    Stop the fingerprint
    Fingerprints of every (innocent) Belgian do not belong on the identity card.
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    The case before the Constitutional Court is not an action by one individual. It's a matter of the people.
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For the first time in many years, a great part of the Belgian population is calling to halt this government. Join in. 

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Slippery slope


We may have a democratic government in 2018, yet politicians don’t have a crystal ball. The recording of fingerprints creates a slippery slope. It is simply a matter of time before a national database comes into being. And what if, in the future, we will have our own Orban , Trump or Putin? How much power a government need to accumulate before it know everything, hears everything, and sees everything? 

A breach is possible, but has to be proportionate


For a few hundred cases of ‘identity fraud’ (a very broad term, where for example can include theft or loss of identity card, without necessarily the objective to abuse it), more than 11 million Belgians have to hand over their fingerprints to this government. A breach of privacy is possible, but it must be proportionate at all times. We believe this is not the case. 

Negative opinion Data Protection Authority


The Data Protection Authority wrote a devastating report on the inclusion of fingerprint on the eID. The Minister and his Cabinet have completely ignored these recommendations and called the objections ‘irrelevant’. The head of the Data Protection Authority, Willem Debeuckelaere, commented: “This is careless lawmaking. This bill also infringes on the GDPR”. 

Your eid already contains biometric data


The eID already contains biometric data: your photo. Moreover, it also contains a hologram, and one can choose to encrypt the cards better, so that eID are more difficult to forge. Imposing fingerprints is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. eID’s may become more difficult to imitate, but at which individual cost?

Poor safety guarantees


Do you really trust the Belgian government with your unique fingerprints? On several occasions in the past, it appeared that the information security of our government has a low standard. If your password has been hacked, you simply create a new one in minutes. If both of your fingerprints are being stolen, then you have a huge problem on your hands for the rest of your life.

Where is the budget for cyberpolice?


Just like the mass implementation of ANPR-cameras in Belgium, this isn’t a budget friendly operation. In addition to the cost of a new eID, investments need to be made for new technology. Technical processes need to be developed – just think of that illustrious database that will keep your fingerprint for three months -, and staff need to be trained. All the while Belgium only has 14 cyber officers left.

let yourself be heard!

it is now, or it is never. Live with, or without your fingerprints on your eID. The choice is yours.
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